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PhotographerClarence Maxwell Rodgers

CountryUnited States



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Children, Costume Study, Education, Genre: Children, Reading


Image Dimensions: 15.2 x 11.0 cm - site, with overmatt shown
Support Dimensions: Dull crimson primary mount: 25.2 x 20.0 cm | Dull green overmatt: 25.9 x 22.0 cm

Reading a children’s storybook and wearing spectacles believed to be nothing more than a bent piece of wire fashioned as a photographic prop, this child portrait is believed to be photographer Clarence Maxwell Rogers youngest daughter Margaret Rodgers. (b. 1900) (1.) The photograph ca. 1905 or before based on perceived age of subject.


Print notes, mount verso: white label with following:






Provenance: Purchased for this archive in August, 2021 from a Florida dealer who stated it was included with other pictures and documents related to several generations of related families, (including a gentleman named Richard Blanchard) covering the years roughly the mid-late 19th Century through mid-20th Century. 


1.  Margaret Gray Rodgers Read: 1900-1982.

Near Sighted