On A Dutch Shore

On A Dutch Shore

Printed (Druck)  by:  Georg Büxenstein & Comp.

This image also published as a photogravure in  Camera Work VIII : 1904

Also known with the title:  A Fish Auction, Zandvoort. (1892) This early Annan composition taken in North Holland, in Zandvoort, shows two pinken fishing boats anchored offshore while a fish auction takes place on the shoreline. William Buchanan writes of the photograph:

“On A Dutch Shore” has immense riches.  The pinken have discharged their catches.  The group on the shore are engaged in its’ auction.  This print shows the culmination of one of the cycles in the lives of these people played out with the wind, the sky and the sea.  Not only that, it, too, offers a beautiful, sparse, abstract composition; the tight, dark rectangle of the crowd balanced against the triangles of the two idle boats.” 1.

1.  J. Craig Annan: Selected texts and bibliography : Edited by William Buchanan : Clio Press : 1994 : pp. 14-15

On A Dutch Shore

Image Dimensions13.9 x 20.9 cm : Art folio #5, plate #2