On Hampstead Heath

On Hampstead Heath

Editorial comment on this plate from the August issue:

Our supplement is a collotype by the Photo-Chromatic Printing Co., of Downshire Works, Belfast. The managing directors are George B. Ward (of Marcus Ward and Co.) and M. Cohn; and the business was founded to work “Photography in natural colors,” by the three-color process. Among objects that may eventually be secondary, though now they are more important (commercially) than the color work, may lie considered the making of halftone blocks, and collotype printing, and to these branches the company have been giving attention, pending the conclusion of exhaustive experiments in the color work.
The business was established about a year ago. Both time and labor have been freely spent in experiment, and in overcoming the difficulties of the three-color process; and the company in a few weeks time will be open for color copying. We have seen some very fine examples of reproductions of paintings which they have prepared for the Royal Cornwall Exhibition, and have passed the proof of a three-color collotype, which we hope to give as a supplement to an early issue, in which we also hope to give some particulars of the works, views of the factory, etc. …

The Collotype given this month is referred to in an article on Karl Greger (p. 177). It was printed on Fumival’s steam collotype machine, and is, therefore, one of the early examples of the work of the first British steam machine.   (1.)

1. excerpt: Process: in: The Photogram: London: August, 1894: p. 199

On Hampstead Heath

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