On the Danube

PhotographerNichol Elliot

ArtistAlice Elliot

CountryEngland, Scotland


VolumeSome Memories of a Scottish Photographer

AtelierThe Vandyck Printers Ltd. (Bristol & London)


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Cityscape, Reflections, Rivers


Image Dimensions: 12.1 x 18.7 | 12.65 x 19.5 cm glued along upper margin
Support Dimensions: 19.0 x 24.8 cm

The following poem by Alice Elliot appears full-page opposite this photograph by Nichol Elliot:


The Gloaming Hour.

Deep luminous the dusk and loth to die;
It clothes in awe the glimmering of the light,
The last soft flush of sunset clouds in flight,
The tow’r that looms against the gloaming sky,
The mirrored peace, the starlight stealing night,
Till, mingling magical the day with night,
Earth breathes divine, withdrawing from our sight,
A gathering Presence of profundity.


And mark, when through the grim heroic days,
Uplifting love and valour over woe,
God calls our sunlight otherwhere to shine,
He leaves in Love about the darkened ways
A glory of undying afterglow,
A gloaming fraught with mysteries divine.

On the Danube