Open Air Pulpit, Grace Church

Open Air Pulpit, Grace Church

Built 1846-47 in French Gothic Revival style, Grace Church at 800-804 Broadway in Manhattan had this outdoor pulpit built as part of the redesign of the exterior of the Chantry in 1910 by architect William Renwick, nephew of James Renwick, Jr., the original architect of the church. The figures adorning the pulpit were done by French-American sculptor Jules Édouard Roiné. (1857-1916)

In the early 1920’s Elizabeth Stoltz, who had attended the Clarence H. White School of Photography in New York City, lived in Marion, Ohio, and was a member of the Pictorial Photographers of America, a society succeeding the American Photo-Secession movement  which had been founded by Clarence H. White and others. Open-Air Pulpit, Grace Church by Stoltz was published as a full-page halftone in the group’s 1921 annual, Pictorial Photography in America.

mat notes recto: signed Elizabeth G Stoltz in graphite at lower right corner of graphite-ruled frame

mat notes verso: upper margin: titled Grace church in graphite; at lower margin corner: #1 in graphite

Open Air Pulpit, Grace Church

Image Dimensions20.4 x 15.6 cm glued along upper margin

Support DimensionsDetail: 36.1 x 28.6 cm manilla card-stock with graphite-ruled frames