Pappeln und Wolken

PhotographerHans Watzek



JournalPhotographische Rundschau 1903

AtelierGeorg Büxenstein & Co.


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Landscape, Lake, Trees


Image Dimensions: 21.0 x 13.4 cm: July: Heft 13 Plate 33

Lower left corner of plate margin: Hans Watzek  Wien.
                                                                               ✝ 12.V.1903.

In addition to this photogravure plate engraved with a cross signifying the passing of its creator, a lengthy tribute to Watzek, who died on May 12, was penned by Fritz  Matthies-Masuren for the July issue of Photographische Rundschau.  The article also included five full-page halftone plates of Watzek’s work. (pp. 161-164)

Pappeln und Wolken