Peter Behrens Jugendstil Calendar

ArtistPeter Behrens



JournalPhotographisches Centralblatt 1900

EphemeraCalendars, Advertising Matter

AtelierGeorg D.W. Callwey (Munich)


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Advertising, Artists, Calendars, Engraving, Religion: Christianity, Supports


Image Dimensions: 36.0 x 26.0 cm (includes background)
Support Dimensions: 37.2 x 27.5 cm (includes border)

Attributed to Peter Behrens, (1868–1940) (1) this double-sided, woodblock-designed calendar featuring a Jugendstil-inspired medallion profile of a man inlaid into a floral pattern for the year 1900 by the important German architect, painter, and typographer Behrens was issued by Photographische Centralblatt publisher Georg D.W. Callwey as a supplement to the journal late in 1899. The calendar listing at center features the names of some of the Roman Catholic Saints in bold type. Other names have not been researched. Initials P & B can be seen integrated into floral design at foot of calendar on either side of the year 1900.


1. Bookseller description: April, 2006: Georg Fritsch Antiquariat, Wien


Original copy for this entry posted to Facebook on August 7, 2011:

Emphemera like this striking woodcut Jugendstil calendar commemorating the new century (1900) by famed German architect, painter, and typographer Peter Behrens was included as a supplement to the photographic journal Photographisches Centralblatt.´╗┐

Peter Behrens Jugendstil Calendar