Portfolio Cover

ArtistIllegible: Unknown


MediumCloth over Boards

PortfolioAmateur-Kunst 1891 Vienna Exhibition


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Portfolio Cover, Portfolios


Support Dimensions: 49.8 x 36.6 cm

Late in 1891, on the twentieth year of its founding, the Vienna publishing house Gesellschaft für Vervielfältigende Kunst issued two portfolios of large-plate photogravures featuring 37 photographs from the 1891 exhibition titled Amateur-Kunst (Amateur Art): 37 Photogravuren Nach Naturaufnahmen (37 photo engravings after nature photographs)  The portfolios were issued in small limited editions (perhaps no more than several hundred examples in total as only several examples survive worldwide in public collections). A deluxe edition on Japanese paper was priced at 60 German Marks and a regular edition printed on Chinese paper (Chine Collé) was priced at 40 Marks. The 30 photographic plates (7 of the plates being diptychs) and letterpress  for each were issued loose for both portfolios in a gray cloth over boards, three-point folder. The artist for the portfolio itself is written in script on the lower left of the cover. The first name begins with A. and the last name begins with an F. Below this facsimile signature is dated 91. 

Portfolio Cover