Portfolio Cover: Première Série: 1904

ArtistGeorge Auriol


MediumLetterpress: Multiple Color, Woodcut: Applied Color

PortfolioL'Épreuve Photographique: Première Série: 1904

AtelierPlon,Nourrit et Cie (Paris)


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Portfolio Cover


Support Dimensions: 43.4 x 31.6 cm (Detail shown)

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L’Épreuve Photographique: The Photographic Print - 1904-1905

The portfolio covers for the bound plates comprising L’Épreuve Photographique for 1904 and 1905 are identical except for series attribution at top right corner-first or second series.  The typeface, floral vignettes as well as stylized frame with inset woodcut of a sailboat were also by Auriol, done in three colors-green, blue and white and printed on gray stock art paper. It is unclear if the sailboat woodcut is by Auriol as a small, unknown monogram-presumed to be an artist signature, appears to the far right of it. Portfolio verso of bound compilations are blank except for the engraved Librairie Plon crest imprint (with marginal Auriol floral vignette on left side) showing founder Henri Plon’s initials, a honeybee, and the Latin phrase (from Virgil)  Labor Omnia Vincit Improbus. (Hard Work Conquers Everything)

Portfolio Cover: Première Série:  1904