Portrait on Art Cyko Photographic Paper

Portrait on Art Cyko Photographic Paper

William Eddowes (1860-1937) and his brother R.T. Eddowes were commercial photographers based in New York City from the 1890’s-1907.

1889: William Eddowes listed as Secretary of the Association of Operative Photographers of New York with address of 770 Broadway

1892: Eddowes Bros. listed with address on recto of cabinet card as 353 & 355 6th Ave. Corner 22nd St. New York City

1902: address listing in November issue of Wilson’s Photographic Magazine for Eddowes Brothers is 925 Broadway in New York City. (26 W. 23rd Street)

1907: General Photographic Business incorporated at 9 Clinton Street in Newark, New Jersey as the Eddowes, Jackson Co. John Monteith listed as agent.

1908: The Trow Copartnership and Corporation Directory of New York (City)  states Eddowes Brothers studio had been dissolved at 925 Broadway to become the Eddowes-Jackson Company at the same address. Directors of the new company listed as William Eddowes, John Monteith and Clarence S. Jackson.

titled within lower plate impression:

left corner: Portrait on Art Cyko
right corner: Negative by Eddowes Bros. New York

Portrait on Art Cyko Photographic Paper

Image Dimensions15.7 x 10.8 cm March

Support Dimensions24.1 x 16.0 cm