Postal Cover: The Photographic Times

ArtistGeorge Richard Quested


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Advertising, Written Correspondence


Support Dimensions: 9.3 x 16.5 cm

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The Photographic Times: 1871-1915: a definitive American photographic Journal

This postal cover for an envelope mailed by Photographic Times editor Walter E. Woodbury carries a New York postmark of May 22, 1896, the same day the two-page enclosed letter was written by Woodbury to University of Pennsylvania physics professor and American radiology pioneer Arthur Willis Goodspeed. The letter inquires about a future article Goodspeed wrote for the journal titled Radiography and its Application, subsequently published in the July, 1896 issue. The envelope carries the same artwork by English designer George Richard Quested appearing on the cover to the journal itself.

Postal Cover: The Photographic Times