Professor Charles Ehrmann

Professor Charles Ehrmann

The following editorial comments for “Professor Charles Ehrmann” appeared in The Photographic Times, where it appeared as the frontis gravure plate for the Friday, August 30, 1889 issue:


It is appropriate at this time to present another portrait of our esteemed colleague to the readers of The Photographic Times. A picture of Professor Ehrmann at work was published in the May (25th) issue of 1888, and at that time an extended biographical sketch of the subject was printed. We refer the interested reader, therefore, to that issue, for an account of Professor Ehrmann’s useful and honorable career. Suffice it to say at present, that as Instructor of the Chautauqua School of Photography and Associate Editor of The Photographic Times, he has continued his conscientious efforts in the cause of photography, without ceasing, and may look back upon many things accomplished, even during the year which has elapsed since we spoke of him in these columns. A short account of the School of Photography and the progress which it has made during the past year under Professor Ehrmann’s instruction will be found in another place; also an extract from the interesting lecture which the Instructor read at Chautauqua on the Photographic Day.

The negative from which our photo-gravure was printed, one of the Professor’s own students made under the sky-light of The Photographic Times laboratory. Besides being an excellent likeness of the Professor, it is a worthy example of portraiture for the study of young and aspiring photographers. (1.)

Dr. Charles Augustus Theodore Ehrmann, (1822-1894) a pharmaceutical chemist by training at the University of Berlin, joined The Photographic Times as an assistant editor under John Traill Taylor beginning in 1881. His obituary penned by Frederick Beach in the American Amateur Photographer said he became the “guiding editorial spirit” for the Times after Taylor’s retirement in 1886, even under Lincoln Adams, and was the journal’s “chief experimentalist- investigating and writing in the pages of the Times the myriad processes then used in traditional wet darkroom photography. In the Fall of 1886, Ehrmann was named instructor in the newly established Chautauqua University School of Photography, chiefly a correspondence school, but also one where he gave hands-on instruction in photography with diplomas awarded from the summer home in upstate New York as well as the Broome street offices of the Times.

1. The Photographic Times: August 30, 1889: p. 431

Professor Charles Ehrmann

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