(Cellist) Herman Sandby was born in Zeeland, Denmark March 21, 1883.  He studied for 5 years at the Frankfurt Conservatory with Hugo Becker 14.  In 1896 at age 15, Standby played for Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace.  His formal debut was at the Copenhagen Orchestral Society concerts of January, 1900.  Sandby toured the U.S. during 1903-1904.  He then returned to Europe, where he toured in 1905 with Percy Grainger who had come from Australia to study at the Frankfurt Conservatory in 1904-1905 at the same period as Herman Sandby.  Percy Granger was a lifelong friend of Sandby and Sandby’s Australian-born wife.  Incidentally, Sandby was a lifelong vegetarian, and eventually converted Grainger to a vegetarian diet.  Sandby moved to London in 1906, and then relocated to Philadelphia for the 1908-1909 season.  The Philadelphia Orchestra was Sandby’s only orchestral post, where he stayed five seasons until 1916.  Sandby returned to touring in the 1916-1917 season.  Several of Sandby’s compositions, including a cello concerto were premiered in February, 1916 by Stokowski and the Orchestra.  By the 1920s Sandby was back in Europe and lived in Denmark until his death in 1966. (1.)

1. from: Principal Musicians of the Philadelphia Orchestra: The Stokowski Legacy online resource accessed Feb. 2015


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