Schoolteacher at Desk

Schoolteacher at Desk

With slight motion blur seen on her face, a schoolteacher holding a pencil works on papers at her desk in front of a large blackboard listing student lesson plans including Arithmetic, Geography (Europe topical review) and Language, (Punctuation-4 rules) with additional lessons at left outlining sentence structures. The 1896 volume: The War in Cuba, Being a Full Account of Her Great Struggle for Freedom can be seen on the desk at left. A chalk drawing of holly leaves is at very top of blackboard, so view may date to the Christmas holiday of 1898.

The photograph may have been printed on commercially available pre-sensitized Venus paper manufactured by the Peerless Blue Print Co., and was included in a cardboard box of this brand expiring in 1899 when acquired from an Indiana seller by PhotoSeed.

Title of this work provided by this archive.

Schoolteacher at Desk

Image Dimensions10.5 x 9.1 cm corners trimmed

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