Summer Sailing

Summer Sailing

This hand-colored gelatin silver print showing several boats plying azure and sun-dappled water under full sail may have been taken along Boston’s North Shore, with other maritime album images believed to be by Arthur Hammond identified as the old Deer Island lighthouse in Boston Harbor and the original building for the Jubilee Yacht Club in Beverly MA. This work included within a personal album held by this archive of nearly 100 photographs attributed to the artist dating ca. 1910-1940.

Born in London, photographer Arthur Hammond (1880-1962) arrived in America at Ellis Island on July 31, 1909 and had established himself with his own studio in Natick, MA outside Boston by 1912. In 1920, he authored the foundational book Pictorial Composition in Photography and became a leading voice for pictorialism in America through his position as associate editor of American Photography magazine from 1918-1949.

Print notes: Title of work supplied by this archive; slight indentation in sky at upper left margin.

Provenance: Acquired by this archive in March, 2018 from Memphis, TN dealer who stated it came from a Memphis estate ca. late 1990’s.

Summer Sailing

Image Dimensions24.1 x 10.1 cm corner-glued to leaf

Support Dimensions25.0 x 32.7 cm Black album leaf