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THE marine picture that embellishes the pages of THE PHOTOGRAPHIC TIMES this week is from a negative by J. F. Cowee, an enthusiastic amateur of Troy, New York. It is a picture that has been widely admired, being chosen as the “presentation print” in one of the competitive exhibitions conducted by the Society of Amateur Photographers of New York. It was also included in the little collection of “Twelve Photographic Studies” published near the close of last year. As an instantaneous photograph, it is admirable; and how appropriately the green tint of the ink used, lends itself to the general effect of the picture (p. 191)

James Farwell Cowee:  1844-1911

For 42 years a partner in the firm of John L. Thompson, Sons & Co., of Troy, N. Y., and president of this large wholesale drug house at the time of his death, Oct. 31, at the age of 67. James Farwell Cowee was born in Troy, Sept. 23, 1844, graduated from Williams College, and became a partner in the house of John L. Thompson Sons & Co., in 1869, with which his father had been associated as an active partner for 50 years prior to his death in 1887. He was an elder and trustee of the First Presbyterian Church, a member of Mount Zion Lodge, F. & A. M., the Troy Club, the East Side Club, the old Ionic Club, and was a director in the Manufacturers’ National Bank. In 1869 he was married to Louise Dennison, of Berlin, Rensselaer, by whom he has one son, Harvey Dennison Cowee. The Pharmaceutical Era, December, 1911: p. 566


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