The Columbian Fountain

PhotographerC.D. Arnold

CountryUnited States


JournalThe Photographic Times: 1893: June-December



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Architecture, Boats, Cityscape, Statuary


Image Dimensions: 15.1 x 20.1 cm | published December 8, 1893 | issue No. 638
Support Dimensions: 21.1 x 28.8 cm

Editorial comment on this plate:

We take considerable pleasure in presenting our readers with a fine photograph of this beautiful creation that attracted so much attention at the recent World’s Fair. The sculptor, Frederick McMonnies, is an American by birth. The central idea of the fountain was an apotheosis of modern liberty- Columbia enthroned on a triumphal barge guided by Time, heralded by Fame, and rowed by eight figures representing the Arts, Science, Industry, Agriculture and Commerce. The photograph is by the World’s Fair Official Photographer.

The Columbian Fountain