The Iron Mill

The Iron Mill

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The Iron Mill
CL Gray
March Album

In 1908, the photographic journal the Photo-Era lists C.L. Gray as being one of seven members of The Photographic Society of East Liverpool, Ohio. Later, in 1916, Gray’s occupation is listed as general manager of the Cartwright Brothers Pottery Company of East Liverpool, Ohio.  (1.)

1. New York News: in: The Pottery,  Glass and Brass Salesman: September 7, 1916: p. 25.

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Industry as a subject matter for pictorial photographers seemed to be quite rare in the early part of the 20th century. This vintage carbon photograph by C.L. Gray from 1908 depicts an iron mill along with the curving lines of train tracks and box cars and is presented in warm brown tones. It would be interesting to identify the location of this photograph-perhaps a plant in and around the greater Western PA/Pittsburgh area would be my guess.

The Iron Mill

Image Dimensions15.7 x 23.8 cm image tack glued on corners to mount

Support Dimensions30.1 x 43.4 cm thin, brown paper primary support with evidence on verso of secondary support adhesive marks