The Mall

PhotographerC.R. Tucker

CountryUnited States



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Cityscape, Documentary, Landscape, Figure, People


Image Dimensions: 8.05 x 11.75 cm glued
Support Dimensions: Detail: 24.0 x 20.8 cm gray art-paper

This exhibition platinum print by Charles Rollins Tucker showing New York City’s Central Park Mall was taken on the southern end of the park known as the Literary Walk. Photographed near the present area of Center Drive, the seated statue of Scottish novelist and poet Sir Walter Scott by Scottish sculptor Sir John Robert Steell (unveiled on November 2, 1872) can be seen in the distance at right.


print notes recto: half-moon paper label (2.0 x 4.0cm) for Tucker affixed to gray mount lower right corner with the following details in graphite:

The Mall
C.R. Tucker

The Mall