The Retreat

The Retreat

Burgh Werner was an American amateur photographer who was interested in instantaneous photography.  This example, labeled Instantaneous on the support verso shows warfare re-enactors (possibly American Civil War) hauling away a large field cannon in the “heat” of battle. No other information is supplied with the print, which is also labeled on the verso of the support as Print #6 : “The Retreat” and further signed in script in black ink by Werner.  Particulars on the print are in Werner’s hand in pencil on the verso:  “Enlarged from 3 xxx on BMC Bromide”

Werner had at least one of his photographs published in the Photo Era, a popular large circulation photography magazine for amateurs published in Boston.  The photo shows a baseball game in progress. The editors of the magazine describe it thus:

A Safe Hit, by Burgh Werner. — This represents the exciting moment when, with all the bases full, the sharp sound of the fairly hit ball sets in motion every man in the field. The maker has been successful in catching the entire field with every man on the alert or in rapid motion. The picture is particularly happy as, though nine men are running at top speed, each of them is depicted in a position which appears natural and expresses rapid motion. This is a piece of instantaneous work of which the maker may well be proud.” 1.

1. A Safe Hit: From: Photo Era -The American Journal of Photography: Vol. XIV June, 1905: Boston: p. 225

The Retreat

Image Dimensions17.0 x 27.1 cm

Support Dimensions30.0 x 37.1 cm