The Seal Rocks  Monterey

The Seal Rocks Monterey

Editorial comment for this plate:

Our Illustration.—Seldom have we seen in a photograph such a happy combination of surf and cloud effects as appears in our illustration, which is from a negative made instantaneously by Mr. William B. Post, of the New York Society of Amateur Photographers, while on a pleasure trip to California and Japan.

In explaining how he obtained the view, Mr. Post says he was at Monterey, opposite the seal rocks. It was between three and four o’clock in the afternoon, and the approaching clouds and heavy surf attracted his attention. He aimed his camera towards the sun, shading the lens, and with his Ross lens stopped to f. 32, made the exposure, using a rapid Prosch shutter and a Cramer-Banner plate. The plate was developed with hydroquinone and potash. Mr. Post’s excellent judgment in exposing at just the right time has secured for him a picture that is greatly admired and one that he highly treasures. We deem ourselves very fortunate in being able to secure this picture, and know it will please the majority of our readers. (p. 263)

The Seal Rocks Monterey

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