The Toilet

The Toilet

Editorial Comment for this plate:


The figure composition by Montford & Hill, which embellishes our columns this week, is a picture that will be appreciated by all readers of THE PHOTOGRAPHIC TIMES. Not often do we find a photographic picture so perfect as this. It is simple, yet complete, and tells its story perfectly at the first glance. A closer study, however, does not fail to discover ever growing beauties in this charming child group.

The picture was first exhibited at the Boston Convention last summer, where it won universal praise. It has been copyrighted, and, we understand, may be purchased in the art stores. Messrs. Montford & Hill’s professional address is Iowa City, Iowa. Our reproduction from the negative is by the photo-gelatine process, and the effect is peculiarly satisfactory in this picture.

Our professional readers, and those amateurs who strive to improve in the field of portraiture and figure compositions, will be especially grateful to Messrs. Montford & Hill for the excellent picture which they have freely given for the instruction of all, in the columns of The Photographic Times. (p. 611)

The Toilet

Image Dimensions16.9 x 13.0 cm Published as frontis plate for December 13, 1889 issue

Support Dimensions28.6 x 20.5 cm