The Vikingship

The Vikingship

Editorial comment on this plate:

The subject of our picture this week is one that will we think be of considerable interest to our readers. It gives a good view of the little Vikingship which so successfully braved the perils of the ocean on its voyage from Norway to Chicago. The photograph is by Ericksson, and the reproduction is a gelatine print by Wahlstrom of Brooklyn, who is rapidly coming to the front as a successful photo-mechanical printer.


This Viking ship is a hand-made replica of a 1,000-year-old Viking ship named the Gokstad. In 1893, it completed a 4,000 mile journey to Chicago from Norway as part of the World’s Columbian Exposition. The ship first sailed from Bergen Norway on April 30, 1893, and arrived 44 days later in New London, Connecticut on June 13, 1893 before making its’ way to Chicago.

Identification of the photographer, Ericksson, is problematic, with the assumption this photograph was taken in the United States but not confirmed.  A partial Eriksson signature can be seen reversed at right hand corner of plate, with location rubbed out by engraver.

credit for Wahlstrom atelier along lower right corner margin below image:

Printed By J.P. Wahlstrom, 606 Fifth Ave., Bklyn.

The Vikingship

Image Dimensions15.0 x 19.3 cm | published October 6, 1893 | issue No. 629

Support Dimensions21.1 x 28.8 cm