The Winter Garden

PhotographerHermann C. Lythgoe

CountryUnited States


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Flowers, Foliage, Interiors, Plants


Image Dimensions: 31.2 x 16.9 cm
Support Dimensions: unmounted

Hermann Charles Lythgoe (1874-1962) was a chemist by training, graduating from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1896. The longtime Director for the Division of Food and Drugs at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health in Boston, he was an active amateur photographer from about 1920-40 known to have entered salons in his day. A 1939 mention in a concert program for the Boston Symphony Orchestra stated he was affiliated with the Boston City Club Camera Associates, organizing a group exhibition that year between members of 12 New England Camera Clubs whose work went on display in Symphony Hall. 


Print notes recto: signed in graphite at lower right: Hermann C. Lythgoe


Print notes verso: Titled in graphite: The Winter Garden, along with additional details: Bromide, #1. Small square white paper label engraved:


Hermann C. Lythgoe

36 Fair Oaks Avenue

Newtonville, Massachusetts

Adhesive remnants from former primary mount along upper print margin.


Collections: One example of his work: The Blizzard Begins, in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.   


Provenance: Acquired in May, 2019 from dealer in York, Maine.


The Winter Garden