Title Page: In Arcadia

CountryUnited States


VolumeIn Arcadia

AtelierGeorge M. Allen & Co. (New York City)


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Support Dimensions: detail: 29.7 x 25.0 cm | coated Bristol paper leaf

Engraved on title page:


Compiled And Illustrated By Emma Justine Farnsworth

New York
Broadway, Cor. 21st St.

Before moving to Broadway and 21st Street by the time In Arcadia was published in 1892, an 1890 advertisement in the American Annual of Photography for the Allen firm-then located at 192 Water Street, close to the South Street Seaport area- stated:   “We make a Specialty of Printing from Photo Process Plates“  and advertised “Fine Printing, Lithographing, Engraving, and Commercial Stationary”.  A known incorporated subsidiary of this publisher,  the Alley-Allen Press, located at 309 and 311 East 22nd Street, may have produced the delicate photogravures pasted individually onto the Bristol leaves of this volume, although we have listed the George Allen firm as the atelier of record for clarity.  The 1890 advertisement further stated: “Photo-Mechanical Process Printing of Every Description. Photo-Gelatine Printing, Photo-Engraving, Photo. Half-Tone Engraving, Photo-Lithographing, Photo-Gravure, For the Reproduction of any Visible Object.  We Guarantee the best possible results. Send for a Samples and Estimates.  Geo. M. Allen & Co., 192 Water Street,  NEW YORK.”

Title Page: In Arcadia