Title Page: Some Memories of a Scottish Photographer

PhotographerNichol Elliot

ArtistAlice Elliot

CountryEngland, Scotland


VolumeSome Memories of a Scottish Photographer

AtelierThe Vandyck Printers Ltd. (Bristol & London)


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Title pages


Support Dimensions: 19.0 x 24.8 cm

The title page to this work includes a personal inscription along the upper margin by the poet Alice Elliot that is believed to be addressed to a G. Meyer, in memory of Nichol Elliot:


I know Nichol would like you to have one of these albums in memory of him + his pictures at work, so I send a copy to you for Christmas. You probably never had my letter of last year. ℅  Colonel Madoc,  Douglas I.O.M. England (1.) will always find me. A fair number have sold. Yours in kind remembrance-  Alice Elliot       To G. Meyer in Mem: N. Elliot



Condition note: glued and stitched text block has separated cleanly from wraps.



1. Lt Col Henry William Madoc (1870-1937) Chief Constable, Isle of Man 1911-1936

Title Page: Some Memories of a Scottish Photographer