Untitled Woman and Child Next to Hearth

Untitled Woman and Child Next to Hearth

The May issue of Photographisches Centralblatt was devoted to the work of Professor Paul Hoecker, (1854-1910) a painter and one of the founders of the Munich Secession.  Hoecker is identified on the cover of the journal for May as Prof. Paul Höcker. Although Wilson’s Photographic Magazine referred to him in 1898 as a “famous photographer”, very little is known regarding Hoeckers involvement with photography today.  It is quite possible (but unknown) he used this genre photograph as source material for a future painting.

“In common with other German and Austrian photographic journals, Photographisches Centralblatt (München) devotes considerable space to presenting reproductions of the work of famous photographers. The last number received is given up to the work of Paul Höcker, the illustrations from his work (figures and portraiture) being both numerous and attractive.” 1.

“Paul Hoecker was born in Oberlangenau in Silesia in 1854. He died in Munich in 1910. From 1874 to 1879 he studied at the Munich Academy under Wilhelm von Diez (1839-1907). In 1882 he went on study trips to Paris, Holland, Holstein and the German ports. His first public showing was at the Munich International Exhibition of 1883. He was appointed a professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in 1891 at the early age of thirty-six. He was the first professor to encourage and promote plein-air painting, taking his students on outdoor excursions in the country in summer. He played a key role in the founding of the Munich Secession in 1892. A campaign of innuendo against him in 1897 obliged him to resign his Academy post. He moved to Italy for four years but returned to Munich in 1901.” 2.

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2. Paul Hoecker online biography: from: Galerie Schüller: München (2011)

Untitled Woman and Child Next to Hearth

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