Using a Pole to Navigate a Mexican Waterway

Using a Pole to Navigate a Mexican Waterway

A man wields a long pole to push his trajinera, or flat-bottom canoe, through a waterway.  Henry Ravell is known to have photographed along the Viga Canal around Xochimilco.

In the Valley of Mexico and near the City are Zumpango, Xaltocan and San Cristobal on the north. Lake Texcoco on the east and Xochimilco and Chalco on the south, La Viga and the other canals connecting them with the City. All are very shallow and with-out an outlet, except what may result from the great drainage ditches and tunnels. The steamboat has not made its advent on the lakes of the Plain of Mexico; transportation is carried on by long flat-bottom boats propelled by poles in the hands of strong men.

Campbells Complete Guide and Descriptive Book of Mexico: 1895, by REAU CAMPBELL, Chicago, pp 9-10.

Using a Pole to Navigate a Mexican Waterway

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