Vera in the Woods

PhotographerSigismund Blumann

CountryUnited States



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California, Landscape, Figure, Landscape, Forest, Trees


Image Dimensions: 17.0 x 11.9 | 20.0 x 15.2 cm
Support Dimensions: none

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California Pipe Dreamer

Taken among a stand of Redwood trees, perhaps in the present-day Muir Woods National Monument in Marin County, California, the subject of this photograph is believed to show the photographer’s youngest daughter Vera Blumann, b. 1911.


Sigismund Blumann was in love with the outdoors, and frequently took part in extended camping trips with family members to hike and photograph areas of beauty in California and the Pacific Northwest-trips he wrote about in the pages of Camera Craft magazine.



print notes recto: signed in graphite at lower right corner of mount border: Sigismund Blumann

variant of this image: Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Accession #99.231.15.

Vera in the Woods