Violet | Clover | Columbine | Clover | Old Fashioned Rose

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Plants, Supports


Image Dimensions: 18.9 x 20.5 cm thin paper, laid down (shown reoriented)
Support Dimensions: 21.1 x 27.9 cm thin, manilla-colored paper

Leaf photograms of: Violet: Viola (genus)  |  Clover (2): Trifolium  (genus)  | Columbine : Aquilegia  (genus) | Old Fashioned Rose: cultivar of Rosa centifolia ?


-Violet: Viola (US /vaɪˈoʊlə/ and UK /ˈvaɪ.ələ/)[1] is a genus of flowering plants in the violet familyViolaceae. It is the largest genus in the family, containing between 525 and 600 species.[2][3]Most species are found in the temperate Northern Hemisphere; however, some are also found in widely divergent areas such as Hawaii, Australasia, and the Andes.

-Clover: Clover or trefoil are common names for plants of the genus Trifolium (Latin, tres “three” +folium “leaf”), consisting of about 300 species of plants in the leguminous pea family Fabaceae.

-Columbine: Aquilegia (common names: granny’s bonnet or columbine) is a genus of about 60-70 species[1] of perennial plants that are found in meadows, woodlands, and at higher altitudes throughout the Northern Hemisphere, known for the spurred petals [2] of their flowers.

-Old Fashioned Rose: possibly a cultivar of Rosa centifolia :   Rosa × centifolia (lit. hundred leaved/petaled rose; syn. R. gallica var. centifolia (L.) Regel), the Provence rose or cabbage rose or Rose de Mai is a hybrid rose developed by Dutchrose breeders in the period between the 17th century and the 19th century, possibly earlier. Its parentage includes Rosa × damascena, but it may be a complex hybrid; its exact hereditary history is not well documented or fully investigated. (all: Wikipedia accessed 2017)



print notes: written in graphite script on mount: Violet | Clover | Columbine | Clover | Old Fashioned Rose

condition: Some worm damage to mount at lower left; slight traces of adhesive showing on individual leaves from application to print verso.


Violet | Clover | Columbine | Clover | Old Fashioned Rose