We are going to the County Fair — Are You?

We are going to the County Fair — Are You?

Perhaps what makes this mounted photograph so delightful is the title of the work in black-ink hand-script has been applied in a neat hand to the front of the mounting board. It makes for a direct connection with the young woman holding her goose and the viewer as she stares directly into the camera lens. Although unsigned, the work is attributed to C.R. Tucker as it was acquired along with other numerous, similarly mounted and signed works by the artist for this archive.  Based on the theme of the work, it also seems likely Tucker may have entered the photo in a print photo contest sponsored by any number of county fairs that typically awarded cash prizes.

In one published case of a county fair result with Tucker’s name listed in the November, 1907 issue of the Photo-Era journal of Boston, the Bristol County Fair held in Taunton, Massachusetts that fall shows the photographer was awarded fifth place overall for a body of work: (Tucker’s good friend C. M. Whitney was awarded second overall in the contest)


The regular annual prize competition open to all amateur photographers was a feature of the Bristol County Fair, held at Taunton, Mass., Sept. 17, 18, 19 and 20, 1907. Mr. John Truex again demonstrated his ability in assembling a large number of interesting prints from all parts of the United States, there being over three hundred prints displayed on this occasion. It is pleasant to be able to comment favorably on the general excellence of the pictures submitted, some of the displays being worthy of an honored place in exhibitions of greater pretensions. The prizes awarded were fully deserved in every instance, although none was awarded in the still-life class, the entries not being up to the standard. Prizes were all in the form of cash, and ranged from $1.00 to $7.00 each. The following is a list of the successful contestants for the best collections of not less than six prints. First prize, Wm. H. Whitehead, of Taunton, Mass.; second, C. M. Whitney, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; third, E. T. Wood, Campello, Mass.; fourth, A. G. Smith, Brockton, Mass.; fifth, C. R. Tucker, New Dorp, N. Y. (1.)

print notes: recto: in black-ink script below image: We are going to the County Fair — Are You?; condition: numerous white spots to image most likely caused by improper hypo bath handling or undissolved hypo in fixing bath: see explanation below and link; pink/red ink staining to lower left corner of card mount along with bumping to several areas of mount margins; white entry label remnants to mount verso.

303. White Spots.—White spots are caused by insufficient handling in hypo bath and not handling in the washing water after fixing; also by not drying fast enough. Sometimes they are caused by cheap blotters and newspaper stock. Undissolved hypo in the fixing bath will also cause small white and yellow spots. (from: Library of Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography: Vol. IV, Photographic Printing: Part 1: popular edition published by American School of Art and Photography, Scranton, PA 1909: pp. 107-8

1. Photo-Era, Boston: November, 1907: p. 260

We are going to the County Fair — Are You?

Image Dimensions23.0 x 19.5 cm pasted

Support Dimensions43.3 x 35.6 cm heavy cardstock (shown slightly cropped)