When the Cat’s Away

When the Cat’s Away

The toddler brushing her hair in front of a mirror is believed to be the youngest daughter of photographer Clarence Maxwell Rogers, Margaret Rodgers. (b. 1900) (1.) A discarded doll lies on its side at far right of composition. The photograph likely taken ca. 1902-03.

Published: The Camera: March, 1904:  p. 96: halftone, credit to Rodgers as photographer and Competition No. 59 printed at left side of page below image.

Provenance: Purchased for this archive in August, 2021 from a Florida dealer who stated it was included with other pictures and documents related to several generations of related families, (including a gentleman named Richard Blanchard) covering the years roughly the mid-late 19th Century through mid-20th Century.

1.  Margaret Gray Rodgers Read: 1900-1982.

When the Cat’s Away

Image Dimensions15.5 x 20.4 cm | with borders: 16.5 x 21.5 cm image shown cropped to historical matt

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