When the Cows go Home

When the Cows go Home

This bucolic pictorial study which may date to as early as 1917 based on similarly matted and signed examples by Ohio amateur photographer Elizabeth G. Stoltz shows a group of cows heading back to their farmstead after a day spent  at pasture. The secondary mount verso is stamped with a Buffalo, New York National Salon hand-stamp with inset stylized monogram with exhibition year hand-written in red: 1923. When the Cows go Home was accepted and perhaps exhibited in the Fourth Annual Salon of Pictorial Photography under the direction of the Buffalo Camera Club which took place in Buffalo at the Albright Art Gallery from March 10-April 2, 1923.

print details: recto: signed in graphite at lower right corner of  laid-tissue primary support : Elizabeth G. Stoltz


print details: verso: titled in black ink script on secondary support:

When the Cows go Home.
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Stoltz.
#389 South Prospect St.
Ohio.  (address portion struck through)


4 Mrs Elizabeth G. Stoltz
#205 North Broadway
Greenville Ohio
Darke Co.


The following address details are visible but struck through:

care Mr Clarence H White
460 West 144 St
New York City


#233 North Main St.
Kenton Ohio
Hardin Co.


13 circled in black ink

-small white sticker with engraved number 2064

1035 in hand-written red graphite

When the Cows go Home

Image Dimensions15.3 x 19.9 cm spot glued to corners

Support DimensionsDetail: 23.8 x 32.4 cm laid tissue paper | 27.7 x 35.4 cm cream-colored card stock