Williams Door

PhotographersFrances Allen, Mary Electa Allen

CountryUnited States



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Architecture, Doorways


Image Dimensions: 20.2 x 12.7 cm
Support Dimensions: none

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Made from native old-growth, eastern white pine, this view shows the Connecticut River Valley Doorway built by joiner Samuel Partridge which graces the front of the John Williams House in Old Deerfield Village, Massachusetts. The home, and doorway, (since removed in 2001, placed on display and replaced by a reproduction) is named for the Rev. John Williams (1664-1729) in the village, and is now owned by Deerfield Academy. (the door is featured in the private school’s seal) Rev. Williams was:


a New England Puritan minister who became famous for The Redeemed Captive, his account of his captivity by the Mohawk after the Deerfield Massacre during Queen Anne’s War. (Wikipedia)


Working in the pictorial photographic style at the end and beginning of the 20th Century, the Allen Sisters of Deerfield did a brisk trade for tourists through their staged genre scenes and colonial views of Old Deerfield, including the Williams door seen here which carries a price tag on the verso of .50 cents. The home was originally built in 1760 by the Rev. Williams’ son Elijah Williams, a shopkeeper and tavern-owner.


print details verso: titled in graphite: Williams Door  50

ink stamp lower margin:




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condition: adhesive remnants of former primary support on verso with ghosting outlines from this bleeding through on print recto

Williams Door