Woman with Poppies

Woman with Poppies

Possibly taken by a British photographer, as the work was purchased for this archive from an online dealer in glass slides based in Cornwall, England in early 2017, the woman model is also most likely European. While clutching a spray of red poppies, she also wears them in her hair. Elegantly dressed, a gold bracelet can be seen on her left arm and what appears to be a wristwatch on her right.

Autochrome, the first practical color photographic process, was invented and first patented by Auguste and Louis Lumière of France in 1903. Commercially available beginning in 1907 and championed by pictorialist photographers the world over, Wikipedia states Autochrome was an additive color mosaic screen plate process:

“The medium consists of a glass plate coated on one side with a random mosaic of microscopic grains of potato starch dyed red-orange, green, and blue-violet which act as color filters. Lampblack fills the spaces between grains, and a black-and-white panchromatic silver halide emulsion is coated on top of the filter layer.”

note: Title of work assigned by this archive.

Woman with Poppies

Support Dimensions8.2 x 8.2 cm entire plate