The Photographic Salons of the British Linked Ring Brotherhood

The Photographic Salons of the British Linked Ring Brotherhood

Detail: "No Rivalry" : Mr. M--:  "Opposition?  Sir, you are quite mistaken. Our Salon is opened to help the P.S.G.B. Exhibition." As presented in the June 15th, 1893 issue of The Photographic Review of Reviews published in London.

In the early 1890’s, the idea behind the formation of The Photographic Salon in England was a simple one: difference of opinion. Organized by The Linked Ring Brotherhood, a group of like-minded photographers with an international roster, the Salon’s aims were in advancing and promoting artistic photography. The first exhibit of the Salon was held in 1893 at the Dudley Gallery in Picccadilly and would continue there annually through 1904.  From 1905 until ending in 1909, the annual exhibit was held in London at the Galleries of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours at 5a Pall Mall East. 

“From 1893-1909 it was unique as an annual exhibition in solely promoting pictorial photography on an international scale and in setting a very high standard of selection of photographs to be shown under the best possible conditions at the time.” 1.

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