The American Amateur Photographer: 1890

Photographers Mrs. J. M. Appleton, John Dumont, Wilfred A. French, I.R. Hooper, Frank Meadow Sutcliffe, Catharine Weed Barnes, E. F. Whitmore

CountryUnited States, England

MediumHalftone, Photogravure: Text, Collotype | tinted, Collotype

JournalThe American Amateur Photographer 1890

AtelierLewiston Journal Press (Maine), Barentzen Photogravure Co. (Malden, MA), Moss Engraving Co. (New York), Boston Photogravure Co. (Boston), E. Bierstadt Artotype Printing Works (New York City)


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Lacking a silver print for the July issue: A Jolly Story Interrupts Lunch, by Philadelphia photographer Mrs. S.M. Cleveland, this group set features all monthly frontis illustrations for the 1890 compiled yearly edition of The American Amateur Photographer. In some cases, the printed Halftone plates have been credited to the Lewiston Journal Press although blocks were often created by other ateliers.

The American Amateur Photographer: 1890

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