Greek Girl

Greek Girl

The following editorial comment for Greek Girl appears in the June, 1890 issue:

Our Illustration.
THE excellent specimen of a portrait study, “Greek Girl,” which we have the pleasure of presenting in this number, illustrates what may be done by careful and judicious lighting and manipulation. Miss Barnes states that the negative was made in her attic studio, which we illustrated a short time ago, using a 3 B. Dallmeyer lens in the camera and giving an exposure of three seconds. The plate (a Stanley) was developed with pyro and carbonate of soda, and has been admirably reproduced by Mr. E. Bierstadt. The negative is rich, soft, and crisp, and is one of the best Miss Barnes has ever made. We trust that this example may be the means of leading others to experiment in artistic portraiture. Miss Barnes made a slide recently from this negative for the Slide Interchange.  (p. 213)

Catherine Weed Barnes, 1851-1913, was an early editor of The American Amateur Photographer.

Greek Girl

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