The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1903

PhotographersCurtis Bell, William & R.T. Eddowes, Rudolph Eickemeyer Jr., John H. Garo, Pocahontas Jacquemin, Gertrude Käsebier, Joseph & Charles Knaffl, Oliver Lippincott, Alfred J. Meyer, Albert Naegeli, Maximilian Toch, R.F. Turnbull

CountryUnited States

MediumGelatin Silver (DOP: developing out paper), Photogravure: Text, Collotype

JournalThe Photographic Times-Bulletin 1903

AtelierUnknown, John Andrew & Son (Boston), Albertype Co. (Brooklyn, N.Y.), W.H. Duncan


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This online presentation of The Photographic Times-Bulletin for 1903 includes all monthly special frontis plates which were either hand-pulled photogravures by the atelier John Andrew & Son of Boston, or in the case of the January and March issues, an actual  Art Cyko photographic print supplied and made by the journal’s publisher, the  Adams & Scovill company (Ansco) of New York City.

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1903

Gertrude KäsebierAutumn

The Photographic Times-Bulletin: 1903

Oliver LippincottWon't Drink