A Bit of Lake George

A Bit of Lake George

The following editorial comments for this early Alfred Stieglitz landscape photograph taken around 1887 appeared in The American Amateur Photographer for the September, 1892 issue, where this gravure appeared as the frontis plate:

Our Illustration.—”A Bit of Lake Georgeis the title of our illustration accompanying this number, and is another example of Mr. Alfred Stieglitz’s careful and artistic work. It was taken very late in the afternoon from his grounds, “Oaklawn,” situated on the picturesque Tea Island Bay, about a mile from the head of’ the lake. The exposure was one and a half minutes on a very slow orthochromatic plate, without the use of a color-screen. Development was by ferrous oxalate, and the lens used was the Steinheil Aplanat, 19 inches focus, stop of f-64. It should be mentioned that Mr. Stieglitz was awarded a gold medal a short time ago in a special competition under the auspices of the London Amateur Photographer. He is getting to be the leading medal-taker in America, a position which many should strive for.  (1.)

A lantern slide of this photograph  ca. 1887 is held in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, New Haven, CT.

1. Our Illustration: from: The American Amateur Photographer: New York: Sept, 1892: p. 405

A Bit of Lake George

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