Yacht “Minerva”

Yacht “Minerva”

Editorial comment for this plate:

Our Illustration.
THE subject of our illustration is the yacht “Minerva” sailing on the Delaware opposite the city of Philadelphia. It was taken on July 10th, at 10 A.M., under a bright light with the sun occasionally obscured by light clouds. A Seed 26 plate, with a Bausch & Lomb lens, diaphram f22 and the same shutter set at 1/100 of a second (its fastest speed), was used. Every portion of the yacht is distinct and clear, and the negative was remarkable for its brilliancy and clearness. Our reproduction does not render the details as clearly as they are noticed in the negative or albumen print. We think the negative was developed by eikonogen and potash.


It was made by S. Tudor Strang, president of the Columbia Scenographic Association, of Philadelphia, Pa., and its chief interest centres in the fact that it was the negative awarded the grand prize of $200 in the Bausch & Lomb lens and shutter contest, particulars of which will be found on page 83. Mr. Strang had a series of excellent yacht negatives, all of fine quality; but the yacht ” Minerva” was selected as the best of them all. (p.49)

Biography: Samuel Tudor Strang: 1856-1921

Samuel Tudor Strang (pronouced strong and usually known as Tudor Strang) (1856-1921) studied with Guilmant, served in churches in Philadelphia where he gave recitals and composed, was a founder of the AGO (Sub-warden in 1900), received his B Mus degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1904, and served as organist of the Philadelphia Orchestra during 1910–11. (He was also a prize-winning photographer!) If you have a nice oboe or a clear 4′ Flute with tremulant, you will love Strang’s song of love. It works great on a theatre organ. Easy.

Below is his obituary from “The New Music Review and Church Music Review” (Official Organ of the American Guild of Organists), June 1921: S. Tudor Strang, one of the most prominent of Philadelphia’s organists and composers for the organ, and a founder of the Guild, died suddenly on April 29th, at the Bryn Mawr railroad station.

His death came while on his way home from choir practice. Born in Philadelphia sixty-five years ago, Mr. Strang began his musical studies at the age of eight. He was a pupil of David Wood, the noted blind organist, and later of Alexandre Guilmant in Paris. He also studied at the school of music of the University of Pennsylvania, receiving the degree of Mus. Bac. In 1876 he was chosen to play at the centennial exposition in Philadelphia. Mr. Strang was organist and choirmaster of several churches in Philadelphia prior to taking charge of the music at the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Redeemer at Bryn Mawr. (from: Michaels Music Service online resource accessed December, 2017)

Yacht “Minerva”

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