A la remorque

A la remorque

This photograph, taken by Hand in 1896, is also known as  In Tow. Showing a series of large rowboats being towed together, it won a silver medal for him in the “Objects in Motion” category class at the 1897 Calcutta (India) international photographic exhibition.

Hand was a Philadelphia mechanical engineer who owned the S. Ashton Hand Manufacturing Company in Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania, which manufactured engine lathes. An accomplished amateur photographer, he was an associate member of the United States Naval Institute, an inventor, and in 1895, the new co-proprietor, along with accomplished Philadelphia photographer Charles Pancoast, of the Philadelphia business Pancoast & Hand. (1215 Filbert street)

In addition to manufacturing photographic specialties, the business offered photographic instruction:  ” We undertake to instruct individuals or classes in the practical details of field and laboratory practice, and to qualify our pupils as competent photographers. We also offer our services in the selection of photographic outfits and materials of every character, bringing to this branch of our undertakings a very extensive knowledge, absolutely divorced from any bias or predilection for special makes, brands or men—suitability being the sole consideration governing their selections of photographic goods. We are also prepared to develop, print, make lantern slides, etc., for which, and kindred work, we have ample facilities.” 1.

1. The American Amateur Photographer, 1895, June, p. 291-92.

A la remorque

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