A Torrent

A Torrent

Editorial comment on this plate:


The excellent photograph of a highly interesting natural formation, which accompanies this issue of The Photographic Times, was made by Mr. Daniel P. Read, a well-known amateur of New York City. The photo-gravure (by the Photo-Gravure Company of New York) was entitled “A Torrent” by the engravers before they had been informed of the correct name; but it represents the subject equally well, and by the tone selected, especially well reproduces the character and color of the peculiar rock formation.
Mr. Read, writing us in regard to this interesting subject, says: “It is one of the many places overlooked by the tourist, but is as picturesque a place as I ever saw. Those who have been to Ausable Chasm pronounce this place far beyond it in point of beauty and grandeur. The rocks, of which this is only a partial view, rise about a hundred and fifty to a hundred and seventy-five feet on each side of the stream, and, standing above, at the “Rain-Bow Falls” and looking down, the view is unsurpassed.
“These caves at the base of the rock are probably made by the action of water, as the soft limestone, as well as the formation of the ground at this point, are susceptible to the action of the heavy freshets and ice in the spring.
“The falls, or rather this chasm, is situated in a north-westerly direction from Chateaugay, about midway between Plattsburg and Malone. The road from the village of Chateaugay to the chasm goes through a wild, yet attractive country, and at times the St. Lawrence river and Canada can be easily seen. It is a surprise to me that so few people, comparatively speaking, go in this direction on their summer travels.”
We are sure our readers are pleased to see this pictorial as well as highly interesting photograph of Mr. Read’s. Perhaps some may follow his enterprising example and take their cameras this season into the North Woods.

A Torrent

Image Dimensions15.0 x 20.2 cm | published July 25, 1890 | issue No. 462

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