J. Scott Hartley

J. Scott Hartley

Editorial comment on this plate:

In the April 18th number of The Photographic Times there appeared a portrait of Sculptor Hartley, but that portrait being an electrotype was not entirely satisfactory as a likeness or as a specimen of portraiture. It is with especial pleasure, therefore, that we present our readers this week with a photo-gravure portrait of our eminent artist friend. It is a good likeness, and will be all the more interesting to photographers because of the portrait bust of Daguerre which accompanies the standing portrait of its great sculptor. A brief biographical sketch of Mr. Hartley was given in the number already referred to, which contained his first portrait, and in the following issue appeared a supplementary note which gave some additional information of interest. We expect soon to show our readers a reproduction from one of Mr. Hartley’s works—a marble which has not yet been publicly seen and which will have more than one lesson in composition to teach our studious readers. As has already been said, by general concession in the art world, J. Scott Hartley is at the very top of his chosen profession. He is a true artist, an experienced and skillful sculptor, and a loyal friend. It may be said of Mr. Hartley that he is as much respected and esteemed among artists and his friends generally for his personal character as for his genius as a sculptor.

The following editorial note was included in the issue for July 11, 1890 describing the work as a medallion for the Daguerre Memorial:

Next week we shall have the pleasure of presenting our readers with an excellent portrait of sculptor J. Scott Hartley, who designed and executed the Daguerre Memorial to be unveiled at Washington next month. The zinc etching portrait which was given in these columns some weeks ago, while good of its kind, was not at all satisfactory as a portrait. The present picture was made by Mozart of the Photo-Gravure Company, and shows Mr. Hartley in his studio, in picturesque working attire, standing beside the bust of Daguerre, which he has just finished for the medallion of the monument. It will be reproduced by the Photo-Gravure Company.  (1.)

Not shown here: facsimile autograph of J.S. Hartley at lower right margin.

1. Editorial Notes: The Photographic Times: New York: July 11, 1890: p. 328

J. Scott Hartley

Image Dimensions22.0 x 16.8 cm | published July 18, 1890 | issue No. 461

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