A Woodland Pasture

A Woodland Pasture

Commenting in the accompanying catalogue letterpress, Alfred Horsley Hinton writes of this work by J. Kidson Taylor of Beaufort Villas in Buxton:

A Woodland Pasture (257), J. Kidson Taylor, would have been improved perhaps if printed in a warmer colour. The desirability of suiting as far as possible the colour of the print to the character of the subject, is a matter which is occupying a good deal of attention amongst pictorial photographers, and there is little doubt that whilst mere fashion of prevailing taste has much to answer for in this direction, still a warm brown will often be the redemption of a picture which a cold grey kills. Be this as it may, Mr. Kidson Taylor has a number of pleasant little landscapes in the cool greys and blacks of platinum, of which the one we have selected is perhaps the most noteworthy.

A Woodland Pasture

Image Dimensions12.0 x 16.5 cm

Support Dimensions27.9 x 38.6 cm shown cropped to plate marks