Alfred Stieglitz Presents Seven Americans Exhibition Catalogue

Alfred Stieglitz Presents Seven Americans Exhibition Catalogue

Catalogue contents in order of pagination:

Foreword by Alfred Stieglitz: p. 2:

This Exhibition is an integral part of my life.
The work exhibited is now shown for the first time.
Most of it has been produced within the last year.
The pictures are an integral part of their makers.
That I know.
Are the pictures or their makers an integral part of the America of tod-day?
That I am still endeavoring to know.
Because of that—the inevitability of this


essay:   SEVEN ALIVE, by Sherwood Anderson   p.3
essay:   A WAY TO LOOK AT THINGS, by Arthur G. Dove   p. 4
essay:    THROUGH THE EYES OF A EUROPEAN SCULPTOR, by Arnold Rönnebeck   pp. 5-7
listing of works: 1-25 by Arthur G. Dove,  p. 8
full-page halftone photo-engraving of Dove painting: Storm-Clouds in Silver
full-page halftone photo-engraving of watercolor painting: Deer Isle, Maine Sea and Boats, by John Marin
full-page halftone photo-engraving of painting: From the Lake—No. 3, by Georgia O’Keefe
full-page halftone photo-engraving of painting: New Mexico, by Marsden Hartley
listing of works: 26-50 by Marsden Hartley: Landscape and Still-Life (These canvases are part of the work resulting from the historic Hartley Auction, held in the Anderson Galleries, May, 1921),  p. 9
The Mask of Marsden Hartley by his Friend Arnold Rönnebeck  (not illustrated-editor) p. 9
listing of works: 51-77 by John Marin,  p.10
listing of works: 78-82A by Charles Demuth,  p. 11
listing of works by Paul Strand:
83-87 : New York: (Photographs)
88-90 : Leaves: (Photographs)
91-100 : Machine (Photographs) p. 12
listing of works: 101-131 by Georgia O’Keeffe,  p.13
listing of works by Alfred Stieglitz: 132-159 : Equivalents : (These photographs continue the search for my Truth—Photography.  A.S.) ,  p.14

The last three pages of the catalogue (pp. 14-16) features a lineup of 43 notable exhibitions put on by Stieglitz at his 291 gallery:

As this Exhibition occurs in the year of the twentieth anniversary of the opening of “291” ✻ and as it constitutes a part of that Progression, I here list a number of the outstanding public demonstrations at that laboratory:

For the History of “291” refer to “Camera Work”.
✻”What is 291?”  See Camera Work, Number 47.

The last paragraph by Stieglitz on p. 16 lists 19 photographers who had one man shows at “291”:

The following photographers had one man shows at “291”, beginning 1905: Robert Demachy, C. Puyo, René Le Bégue, Hans Watzek, Heinrich Kuehn, Hugo Henneberg, Gertrude Käsebier, Clarence White, J. Craig Annan, Fred. H. Evans, David Octavius Hill, Eduard J. Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Alvin Langdon Coburn, Baron De Meyer, Annie W. Brigman, Frank Eugene, George Seeley, Paul Strand. Color Photography First Introduced to America, etc.

Notes: this string-bound catalogue, printed on cream-colored paper, features four halftone plates printed as black and white reproductions on glossy stock; individual titles of photographs by Strand and Stieglitz are not listed; paper transfer “burn” to cover.

Alfred Stieglitz Presents Seven Americans Exhibition Catalogue

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