Edwin Booth

PhotographerFrederick Gutekunst

CountryUnited States


JournalThe Photographic Times: 1893: June-December

AtelierFrederick Gutekunst Co. (Philadelphia)


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Engraved Biographical Text, Men of Mark, Portrait: Men, The Stage


Image Dimensions: published June 16, 1893 | issue No. 613
Support Dimensions: detail: 28.8 x 21.1 cm

The occasion for this portrait frontis of the American actor Edwin Booth (1833-1893) was his passing only nine days earlier. A one-page tribute to Booth appeared at the beginning of the issue (p. 309) leading off with the following paragraph:


We present our readers this week with an excellent likeness of America’s greatest tragedian- Edwin Booth, whose recent death will considerably enhance the interest and value of this picture. The portrait and reproduction were both made by F. Gutekunst, of Philadelphia. Both have been especially admired by the friends of the great actor.

fascimile autograph beneath undated portrait of Booth reads:

Truly yours  Edwin Booth

Edwin Booth