The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Commenting in the accompanying catalogue letterpress, Alfred Horsley Hinton writes of this work by Burchett:

Mr. A. Burchett’s style is easily recognised in The Love Letter (206).  This eminently artistic worker runs little risk of wearying his admirers by too numerous productions, but whatever he does exhibit makes a lasting impression. In the picture before us a painter would perhaps have given a little more modelling in the figure, and yet we can well excuse this for the very easy and graceful pose and delightful expression of face which Mr. Burchett has secured. Comparison is perhaps needless, the picture being quite satisfactory in itself; it may not be so fine as some Mr. Burchett has given us, but it is also better than others, and so whilst many photographers cheapen their work by too frequent repetition, the author of The Love Letter is quite safe in trusting his fame to his one picture.

The Love Letter

Image Dimensions16.7 x 12.2 cm

Support Dimensions38.6 x 27.9 cm