El Camino Real

El Camino Real

This architectural study shows a bell mounted atop a pole along the El Camino Real in front of the San Gabriel Mission. Acting as a marker, a sign affixed below the bell gives travelers and religious pilgrims distances from this spot to the other Spanish Missions located along the El Camino Real.

print notes recto: titled and signed in graphite in plate border: 

El Camino Real     Cleora Wheeler; hand-drawn in black ink along lower right margin outside secondary mount album leaf:  #467-Jap.  50¢

From Wikipedia: The Mission San Gabriel Arcángel is a fully functioning Roman Catholic mission and a historic landmark in San Gabriel, California. The settlement was founded by Spaniards of the Franciscan order on “The Feast of the Birth of Mary,” September 8, 1771, as the fourth of what would become 21Spanish missions in California.[10] San Gabriel Arcángel, named after the Archangel Gabriel and often referred to as the “Godmother of the Pueblo of Los Angeles”,[11] was designed byAntonio Cruzado, who hailed from Córdoba, Spain. Cruzado gave the building its strong Moorish architectural influence. The capped buttresses and the tall, narrow windows are unique among the missions of the California chain. (accessed 2018)

El Camino Real

Image Dimensions10.9 x 6.1 cm (shown cropped to plate marks)

Support Dimensions21.1 x 15.0 Gampi | 24.9 x 38.0 off-white handmade paper (folded) | 33.0 x 25.0 cm olive-colored cardstock leaf