How’s That?

How’s That?

Commenting in the accompanying catalogue letterpress, Alfred Horsley Hinton writes of this work by Lord, a commercial photographer from Cambridge, England:

How’s That? (170), R.H. Lord, is a picture which general report has already made familiar to most, and the quiet humour of the idea, as much as the successful way in which the expressions of the models have been caught, will probably make this as popular as anything in the gallery.


Ralph Herbert Lord: 1854-1922


For a fascinating and in-depth look at the career of Lord, please visit the online resource Fading Images, which states: Ralph Herbert Lord has his own page on the site because he was probably the most successful Cambridgeshire photographer in artistic and technical terms, as evidenced by the range of photographic awards he won. Also thanks to members of Ralph’s family we have an excellent range of images to illustrate his career.

How’s That?

Image Dimensions12.2 x 17.5 cm

Support Dimensions27.9 x 38.6 cm